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4/13: Youtube AND Tabs Update!

Posted on April 13, 2017 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Yooooooo! So today I've got a couple small updates on both the video AND tabs sides of things.

-Re-uploaded Crawling videos as isolated tracks. Despite originally stating otherwise, I ended up deciding to keep the guitar tracks from my previous uploads. Only blocked videos now are Breaking the Habit and The Catalyst!

-Updated guitar information on all tracks from Recharged, as well as the two songs I currently have tabbed from the Stone Temple Pilots High Rise EP. The only song out of this batch that saw any actual content changes was A Light That Never Comes, I changed a couple small things in the lead guitar line at the end of the song (it was literally just a couple notes that changed). Working on Reanimation next, and finishing things off with The Hunting Party.

-Random information that more than likely doesn't apply to anybody viewing this website, but on the off chance any of my followers are in the Twin Cities area, my band Generic Jack has a gig at the Reverie Cafe on May 27th at 9 PM. If the idea of watching me play bass and sing super-snotty "WHOA-OH" backup vocals in a band with a repetoire of under-3-minute, folky-but-punky-but-kinda-alt-rocky songs sounds like fun to you, come check it out! We don't gig all that much, and we play in the cities even less (this is only our second Twin Cities gig in the last 3 years).


4/6: Tabs Update

Posted on April 6, 2017 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Here's a big ol' tabs update, since I haven't thrown one at you guys in a while. First of all, while I actually added it to the site a few days ago, just wanted to officially point out that my tab for Battle Symphony is up. Still haven't added the full tracklisting for One More Light yet, although it seems like at least most of the other songs on the album will have guitar in them. Just waiting to actually listen to it myself to confirm.

Secondly, I've added guitar information to all tabs in the "Other LP-Related Songs" folder. Since many of the tabs in this folder were among the ones that have gone the longest without an update (some of them hadn't been touched at all in about 8 years!), I've also done some extensive revisions to quite a few of them. This includes the following:

-We Made It - Guitar count increased from 2 to 5, added palm-muted open powerchords that appear in several places, accounted for doubling of main chorus guitar part, changed notation of feedback fade-ins

-Carry Me Away - Tuning changed from standard to Drop D w/capo at second fret, some notes swapped around between two main guitar parts

-Cry to Yourself - Song title changed from previous "State of the Art" demo title, some changes to chord voicings in main distorted rhythm parts

-Enjoy the Silence '04 - Changed Guitar 4 to a 6-string in standard tuning since it's sampled from the original version of the song

-Walking Dead - Guitar count increased from 2 to 4 to allow ending part w/flanger effect to be its own track

-Rock and Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) Part 2 - Guitar count increased from 3 to 6, changed tuning on Guitar 1 to standard, split clean part during Mike's verse to its own track, added palm-muted clean part that appears near end of Mike's verse (I'd never noticed this before!), accounted for proper doubling during Chester's section, slight notation changes during intro to Chester's section, notated intro/outro clean part more accurately and tabbed full duration of intro/outro

-System - Slight changes to bridge (both guitars play the same thing at the start of each repeat of the bridge riff, a 3-note octave 0-5-x-7 interval, rather than one guitar playing an octave and the other playing an open position powerchord like I had previously)

-Never Let Me Down - All 2-note powerchords changed to 3-note versions

-It's Goin' Down - Guitar count increased from 3 to 5 to account for proper doubling (as well as Guitar 1 being a different part from the heavier guitars that appear in the choruses), slight changes to feedback fade-ins

Phew! Glad that's over with. It took me nearly a month to get all that done. Getting pretty close to done with updating all my existing tabs with guitar info. Once that's done, I've got a few other studio tabs in the works, plus One More Light will likely be out by then as well. I'm also well aware of the fact that I'm several YEARS behind on updating tabs for all of the live versions of various songs...that's gonna be a HUGE pain. Hopefully since I'm not taking classes this summer, I'll have enough time to start tackling that project. This tabs archive is one of those things that I'm not entirely convinced will EVER be completely done, but I'm going to try!


3/28: Youtube Happenings, Pt. 3/Other Misc. Stuff

Posted on March 28, 2017 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (2)

Yet another update on recent happenings...

-Both parts of Faint have been re-uploaded as isolated tracks.
-Hands Held High has been re-uploaded as an isolated track as well, and is a newly-recorded version.
-Re-recorded versions of Breaking the Habit and Crawling are next on the to-do list.
-Figure.09 has been re-mixed audio-wise, I ended up reusing the majority of the guitar track from my previous upload and tweaking a few small parts with overdubs. Haven't filmed the video yet, but that will be done soon.
-No word yet from my guitar tech Mike on when I'm getting my Strat back, but when I do, The Catalyst will be the first thing I re-record, that way I'll hopefully have all of these blocked videos behind me.
-Strat songs. SO MANY STRAT SONGS! A bunch of stuff from Minutes to Midnight onwards that I've been neglecting for quite a while will be coming up as soon as I get my Strat back. This will consist of a mix of re-recordings and new material.

"Big" recording projects at the moment (in order of importance):

-Working on an original song that will probably end up on my second Youtube channel at some point.
-Re-recording my old LPU Sessions original song, Desert Bloom (the original will stay on my LP-related channel, but I'll put the new version on my second channel).
-Cure for the Itch cover/"guitar remix"
-Prep work for some studio recordings with one of my bands.

Other music-related news involving me:

-I'm going on a short tour with one of my school ensembles the second week in May. Right now it sounds like we'll primarily be staying in Minnesota (lots of community outreach performances at high schools - we're doing up to three shows a day!), but we may have some gigs in Wisconsin/Iowa as well. I'll probably be documenting some of the tour on my second Youtube channel, and I'll be posting more info as I learn about it.
-Speaking of school, unless something drastic happens, I'll be graduating with an AAS in Guitar Performance in the fall of this year. I'd like to go back and complete a bachelor's degree in the future, but for now, this is what I'm logistically able to do. McNally Smith has definitely been a rewarding experience for me! I've been archiving a lot of footage from my ensemble performances during my time at school, and I'll probably post highlights on Youtube at some point.

When did I become so busy?!


3/6: Youtube Happenings, Pt. 2...

Posted on March 7, 2017 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Just a quick update on the Youtube blocked videos situation...

-Much to my surprise, my Hands Held High video that was blocked was re-instated, as no response from the copyright holder was received within 30 days. I still plan to redo this video anyway though, my guitar was slightly out of tune on the previous take.

-I've uploaded new isolated versions of Forgotten and both guitar parts from Leave Out All the Rest.

-My Faint videos were also recently blocked, so those will be re-uploaded as isolated versions as well.

-That Figure.09 re-record I mentioned before will still be in the mix somewhere, just depends where it fits between the videos that have been blocked, as getting those re-uploaded is my top priority right now.

-I'm going to re-record Crawling and Breaking the Habit entirely instead of reusing my old guitar tracks, I feel like I could do them a little better.

-The Catalyst will have to wait a while, as I don't even have my Strat in my possession at the moment (as previously mentioned, it's in the shop). I think I'm going to re-record that one entirely too.

Anyway, once those are all taken care of (assuming no further videos get blocked), I'm going to switch my focus to some Strat-heavy songs that I've really been meaning to redo for a long time. Bleed it Out, Valentine's Day, Burning in the Skies, In My Remains, etc. are all pretty high up on my to-do list. Really hoping to pare down the number of remaining songs from the first six albums before One More Light is a perfect world, I'd say I'll get all seven albums done by the end of the year, but that may be a tough goal to achieve.

Oh, I almost forgot about that Cure for the Itch remix I teased forever ago and never released! It's still a project in the works, I programmed drums for it ages ago and sketched out a rough arrangement of what I want to do with the guitar parts, but I ended up shelving it for a while. I'm getting the "itch" (pun intended) to record some bigger projects again, so I'm sure that will come out sooner or later. I was also considering doing a remix of Heavy that was actually...heavy...but so many other people have already had the same idea and released remixes that I feel like the idea may have run its course. We'll see...


2/22: Tab Updates

Posted on February 22, 2017 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Slight delay in getting my next couple videos uploaded, but for now, with all the exciting recent news in the Linkin Park world, here are some tab updates on a number of different fronts:

-Added guitar info for all songs from "MMM...Cookies." All four of these songs also had their spacing updated.

-Added entries on the Tabs page for all songs from the LPU 15 and 16 CDs that contain guitar (I haven't tabbed any of them yet, but I figured I should at least list them).

-Added a section for the new Linkin Park album One More Light, as well as a tab for the lead single, "Heavy." I have not included any other songs from the tracklisting at this time, as I have no way of knowing which ones have guitar in them.

My next re-uploads of previously-blocked songs will be Forgotten and Leave Out All the Rest, and I'm also going to be re-uploading Figure.09 soon because of some editing-related things I wasn't happy with in my previous version. I'd say I'll cover Heavy soon too, but unfortunately my Strat is in the shop getting some much-needed work done (I bought some locking tuners for it recently and just got around to having them installed). Once I get it back, I'll make sure and tackle Heavy ASAP, as well as re-record a bunch of other "Strat songs" that I've neglected for far too long!