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3/6: Youtube Happenings, Pt. 2...

Posted on March 7, 2017 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Just a quick update on the Youtube blocked videos situation...

-Much to my surprise, my Hands Held High video that was blocked was re-instated, as no response from the copyright holder was received within 30 days. I still plan to redo this video anyway though, my guitar was slightly out of tune on the previous take.

-I've uploaded new isolated versions of Forgotten and both guitar parts from Leave Out All the Rest.

-My Faint videos were also recently blocked, so those will be re-uploaded as isolated versions as well.

-That Figure.09 re-record I mentioned before will still be in the mix somewhere, just depends where it fits between the videos that have been blocked, as getting those re-uploaded is my top priority right now.

-I'm going to re-record Crawling and Breaking the Habit entirely instead of reusing my old guitar tracks, I feel like I could do them a little better.

-The Catalyst will have to wait a while, as I don't even have my Strat in my possession at the moment (as previously mentioned, it's in the shop). I think I'm going to re-record that one entirely too.

Anyway, once those are all taken care of (assuming no further videos get blocked), I'm going to switch my focus to some Strat-heavy songs that I've really been meaning to redo for a long time. Bleed it Out, Valentine's Day, Burning in the Skies, In My Remains, etc. are all pretty high up on my to-do list. Really hoping to pare down the number of remaining songs from the first six albums before One More Light is a perfect world, I'd say I'll get all seven albums done by the end of the year, but that may be a tough goal to achieve.

Oh, I almost forgot about that Cure for the Itch remix I teased forever ago and never released! It's still a project in the works, I programmed drums for it ages ago and sketched out a rough arrangement of what I want to do with the guitar parts, but I ended up shelving it for a while. I'm getting the "itch" (pun intended) to record some bigger projects again, so I'm sure that will come out sooner or later. I was also considering doing a remix of Heavy that was actually...heavy...but so many other people have already had the same idea and released remixes that I feel like the idea may have run its course. We'll see...


2/22: Tab Updates

Posted on February 22, 2017 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Slight delay in getting my next couple videos uploaded, but for now, with all the exciting recent news in the Linkin Park world, here are some tab updates on a number of different fronts:

-Added guitar info for all songs from "MMM...Cookies." All four of these songs also had their spacing updated.

-Added entries on the Tabs page for all songs from the LPU 15 and 16 CDs that contain guitar (I haven't tabbed any of them yet, but I figured I should at least list them).

-Added a section for the new Linkin Park album One More Light, as well as a tab for the lead single, "Heavy." I have not included any other songs from the tracklisting at this time, as I have no way of knowing which ones have guitar in them.

My next re-uploads of previously-blocked songs will be Forgotten and Leave Out All the Rest, and I'm also going to be re-uploading Figure.09 soon because of some editing-related things I wasn't happy with in my previous version. I'd say I'll cover Heavy soon too, but unfortunately my Strat is in the shop getting some much-needed work done (I bought some locking tuners for it recently and just got around to having them installed). Once I get it back, I'll make sure and tackle Heavy ASAP, as well as re-record a bunch of other "Strat songs" that I've neglected for far too long!


2/14: Latest Youtube Happenings...

Posted on February 14, 2017 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Sorry I haven't addressed this already, but better late than never, I suppose. Not long after uploading my latest "new" videos for No More Sorrow, I noticed that around a dozen of my previous Youtube videos had been blocked worldwide with no explanation whatsoever. All of the tracks in question are still listed as "viewable worldwide" on Youtube's Music Policies page, and I haven't heard any news on there being a new dispute between Youtube and WMG or anything like that, so I can only assume that either WMG is overstepping their own boundaries and throwing out blocks on songs that creators are supposed to be allowed to use in their content (perhaps in preparation for the release of the new LP single/album - they always seem to go overboard with this bullshit around the time of an album release), or they've got some new intern working in their legal department that doesn't know what the fuck they're doing.

In any case, attempts to re-record/re-upload these videos using my normal format have also been immediately blocked worldwide, so I've elected to re-upload them with isolated audio tracks - no music in the background, just my guitar work. Feedback on the handful of videos I've done this way has been very positive, so I'll consider doing more videos this way in the future. But for now, here's a list of the affected videos:

Already re-uploaded:
-Papercut (with slight edits from previous upload)
-One Step Closer
-In Between
-Shadow of the Day (all 3 parts - part 3 wasn't blocked, but I re-uploaded it isolated to be consistent with the others)

To be re-uploaded (possibly re-recorded from previous versions):
-Breaking the Habit
-Crawling (both parts)
-Hands Held High (I filed a copyright dispute on this one just to see what happens, but I anticipate it being blocked again)
-Leave Out All the Rest (only part 1 blocked, but I'll redo both)
-The Catalyst

Re-uploading the blocked videos will be my top priority for the time being, and I won't be following my usual "weekends only" upload schedule, instead I'll be posting them as soon as I'm able to. Once these are taken care of, I'll resume my usual upload schedule. Whether future videos will feature isolated guitar tracks or not largely depends on whether or not my "usual" versions get blocked. For now, I'm considering the isolated versions to be a backup option, but I might be convinced to make them my normal upload method in the future if the response is overwhelmingly positive.

Peace out, and P.S., WMG - Get your shit together.

Youtube Cover of the Week (1/23): No More Sorrow/New Mike Guitar

Posted on January 23, 2017 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Getting back into doing some Youtube stuff this week, should have a few consecutive weeks worth of uploads coming for you guys. This week, I decided to put my recently-purchased EBow to work and finally do No More Sorrow properly:

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Also, I added a new/old guitar to Mike's section, a custom Valley Arts guitar that he signed and was photographed with as part of the festivities surrounding the Live 8 performance in 2005.


1/5 Update: New guitars...sort of!

Posted on January 5, 2017 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Happy New Year! I've finally done some catching up on studio photos from sessions for the band's seventh album (which is basically finished at this point, from what I know). While I haven't found any "new" guitars, I have found numerous pictures of different band members using guitars I previously hadn't seen them with - Brad with Ethan Mates' vintage Gibson SG, Mike with Brad's Custom Shop Strat, etc., so you'll see some new stuff on all four of the guitar-related pages. I also found a better photo of Brad with the "Cardboard Chaos" Strat, so that entry has been updated as well, as has a little bit of information on a few other entries. Looks like the band is sticking with the same array of guitars they used for The Hunting Party for the most part!

Anyway, had a good recording session today...right now my tentative plan is to start uploading videos again sometime the week of January 23rd. Working on some more tabs-related stuff when I'm not recording, too!