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Youtube COVERS (PLURAL!!!) of the Week (5/22): Valentine's Day/Good Goodbye + Tabs Update

Posted on May 22, 2017 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Alright, been doing a LOT of recording since I got back from tour, so I actually posted TWO songs over the past week. First of all, we have a somewhat-overlooked Minutes to Midnight song in Valentine's Day...

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...and secondly, my first cover of a One More Light song, Good Goodbye:

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I'll be doing at least one more song from the new album next, after that I don't have a specific plan other than focusing mainly on songs with a lot of Strat guitar work. That obviously covers a big selection of songs...

As far as tabs go, I recently posted a tab for Invisible, so check that out, and I've done pretty substantial updating to all four songs I've posted from the new album so far. As I expected, these new songs have been a constantly-evolving thing when it comes to tab corrections, but I THINK what I have now for these four tracks is correct in terms of what appears on the studio recordings (the live versions of Invisible and Battle Symphony both have parts that differ substantially from the album versions). I'm currently working on the other two songs that are being performed live presently (One More Light and Talking to Myself), then I'll tackle the remaining four songs last.

Yay for new Linkin Park music to tackle!


5/14: Tabs Update/Minutes to Midnight Anniversary

Posted on May 15, 2017 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys! Got back from tour Friday night, things went extremely well - we ended up playing 14 shows in 5 days, no big deal. Anyway, first order of business is that I've completely redone my tab for Battle Symphony after listening to the instrumental version more closely (it hasn't been officially released, but it's out there...), as well as picking up on some stuff from the live version. Still may not be PERFECT, but it's a vast improvement from the original! I also added entries for Invisible, Talking to Myself, and One More Light, although they haven't been tabbed yet. I'll see if I can get Invisible done before the album comes out later this week, and of course the other two have only been played live so far.

I'm getting a pretty good idea of what guitars are being used on this touring cycle, the A rig was used for 3 of the 4 shows on the recent South American tour, and the C rig was used for the show in Lima. I'm guessing the B rig will make its first appearance in Europe next month...still not a lot of new stuff to report, but there are a few guitars that have been shifted around, so I'll be keeping an eye out and once I've seen all 3 rigs' current status, I'll make the appropriate updates to the site.

Lastly, a lot of fansites are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Minutes to Midnight today...I live in the U.S., so that anniversary technically isn't until tomorrow for me. I'm going to be covering a song I haven't played in a pretty long time tomorrow in celebration...hope you all enjoy it!


5/7: Pre-Tour Update

Posted on May 8, 2017 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

So I'm leaving on tour tomorrow, and of course it's right when things are REALLY getting exciting in the LP world! Ahh well, things happen. Anyway, got a lot to cover here, so bear with me:

-Youtube update: All blocked videos are now taken care of, as I re-uploaded Breaking the Habit and The Catalyst as isolated tracks over the past week. I also re-uploaded Figure.09 as an isolated track, as previously mentioned. I have one more isolated track version of a previously-uploaded song coming out Tuesday night, then once I get back from touring next week I'll be jumping right into doing a bunch of Strat songs. Speaking of the whole isolated track thing, the results from my Twitter poll are in, and by a margin of 59% to 41%, people voted that they prefer when I keep the song audio mixed with my guitar track. That also happens to be my preferred method of doing things too, so I'll be going back to that as my default for future uploads. However, in cases where a song gets blocked, I'll obviously re-upload it as an isolated track, and I'll also do isolated tracks in instances where I'm re-uploading a song for "minor" reasons, such as re-amping or doing other small edits to a previous guitar track without actually re-recording anything.

-Tabs update: I've made some pretty significant updates to my tab for Good Goodbye over the past few days, and I'm pretty sure it's correct now. After seeing Battle Symphony performed live with the full band for the first time last night, I also realize I have some changes to make to that tab as well, but I won't be able to do so until I get back from touring. I'm not going to attempt to tab Talking to Myself based on the live version at this point, as it's already known that some of the stuff Brad plays on electric guitar live is acoustic guitar on the album version of that song.

-Guitars update: I don't have a lot of stuff that needs to be added to the site so far with new guitars, but there was one grey PRS I hadn't seen before in the recent Youtube video where Brad and Benjamin went through part of Brad's guitar collection, so I need to add that, and I also need to make note of Brad using Chester's D'Angelico hollowbody during rehearsals only for Chester to end up using it for Battle Symphony on tour. Also, the new version of Leave Out All the Rest is being played in Drop D instead of Drop Db like the album version was, and Phoenix is playing the rhythm parts with Mike's Gibson SG now, instead of using PRS guitars like he did for past performances. I also need to make note that Brad's Rory Gallagher Strat is now tuned to standard tuning with a capo on the 5th fret for use on Talking to Myself.

-How about that tour, anyway? Here's the gist of it: Thank You Pizza is doing a five-day tour around Minnesota as part of McNally Smith College of Music's community outreach programs with various schools. As such, these aren't gigs at public venues, so it's probably for the best if I don't advertise them and give the wrong impression. When we were initially doing tour planning we thought it would be a mix of school gigs and public gigs, but things just didn't work out that way. Regardless, it's going to be a lot of fun, and if you follow my non-Linkin Park Instagram account (statenmusic), I'll be posting some updates throughout the tour.

This is going to be the beginning of a VERY productive period for me! I love when things get exciting.


Youtube Cover of the Week (5/1): Points of Authority (Redux) + Other Stuff + TWITTER POLL!

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So, getting back on a semi-normal schedule here, I decided to re-record Points of Authority this week, with the big change being that I actually did it with the proper "chopping" effects found on the studio recording this time! To my knowledge, this is the first cover of the song on Youtube that actually recreates this effect properly:

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I've also updated my tabs for Points of Authority and its related versions (LPU13 demo version, Crystal Method remix, Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer), as none of my tab versions of the song really addressed the chopping effect before. I haven't updated PTS.OF.ATHRTY yet, since I still have a big round of Reanimation tab updates I need to do.

As far as my next Youtube plans go, I got my Strat back last week, which opens up a lot of new possibilities! Regardless, my next three videos will be a combination of the three I've previously mentioned doing (re-recorded Breaking the Habit, Figure.09, and The Catalyst). After that, there are a few other re-recorded versions I want to tackle at some point, but doing new Strat-related material will be my primary objective.

Also in Youtube-related news, I'd ask that you all go vote on a poll I recently posted on Twitter (pinned Tweet at the top of the page - and if you're not following me already, WTF man? Do that too!), as I'm currently trying to find out whether people would prefer that I continue to do isolated guitar covers, or go back to my previous method of mixing the guitar track with the original song (obviously this may depend on copyright claim issues, but I'd like to have one or the other be my "primary" method going forward). Right now it's a pretty evenly-matched response!

In other news, I recently posted a tab for Good Goodbye, so check that out here (it's also up on the Tabs page). Excited to see some "proper" LP live shows starting next week, looking forward to seeing some new songs played live and seeing what the guitar lineup looks like for this cycle!


4/13: Youtube AND Tabs Update!

Posted on April 13, 2017 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Yooooooo! So today I've got a couple small updates on both the video AND tabs sides of things.

-Re-uploaded Crawling videos as isolated tracks. Despite originally stating otherwise, I ended up deciding to keep the guitar tracks from my previous uploads. Only blocked videos now are Breaking the Habit and The Catalyst!

-Updated guitar information on all tracks from Recharged, as well as the two songs I currently have tabbed from the Stone Temple Pilots High Rise EP. The only song out of this batch that saw any actual content changes was A Light That Never Comes, I changed a couple small things in the lead guitar line at the end of the song (it was literally just a couple notes that changed). Working on Reanimation next, and finishing things off with The Hunting Party.

-Random information that more than likely doesn't apply to anybody viewing this website, but on the off chance any of my followers are in the Twin Cities area, my band Generic Jack has a gig at the Reverie Cafe on May 27th at 9 PM. If the idea of watching me play bass and sing super-snotty "WHOA-OH" backup vocals in a band with a repetoire of under-3-minute, folky-but-punky-but-kinda-alt-rocky songs sounds like fun to you, come check it out! We don't gig all that much, and we play in the cities even less (this is only our second Twin Cities gig in the last 3 years).